Mid-Winter Respite

The Travelers
Last night around 9pm Annalisse, Nic and I returned home from our whirlwind getaway to Puerto Rico. It was a wonderful trip! The weather was (mostly) great, with just a little bit of rain here and there, and the hotel (San Juan Marriott Sellaris) was really nice, right on the beach.

While I was tied up in my meeting the girls' goal was to lay on the beach. Well, mission accomplished! They spent two days sprawled out on beach lounges under an umbrella, where they still managed to get quite a bit of sun. The ocean was incredibly warm, but really, really rough.

My meeting went well and it was awesome, as always to spend time with, and to be inspired by, my NAGAP colleagues. We ate at delicious restaurants, and I enjoyed a mojito or two (or three)! We took a really interesting and enjoyable trip to the El Yunque rain forest, the only rain forest in the U.S., where we, of course, got rained on. May I recommend: Louie's VIP Tours in San Juan. Louie was a great guide for the rain forest trip, and gave quite the history lesson about Puerto Rico, as well as being well studied on plants and animals of the rain forest.

I totally think I could get used to life on a tropical island!

The view from our room
Mina Falls

Tower in the rainforest 
Sun kissed 
Rough Surf 
Mother - Daughter 

It's 5:00 somewhere
Now it's back to reality, with gloomy cold freezing rain. Well, there's always Groundhog Day to look forward to.


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