How Many Days Until Groundhog's Day?

The countdown is on for my favorite holiday: GROUNDHOG'S DAY (16 more days)! The work picnic is scheduled (although a little disappointing that GD falls on a Saturday and we'll be celebrating the following Monday - it just won't have the same anticipation of the actual day...), and I'll be watching closely for that giant buck-toothed rodent to stay out of that damn hole.

To get us through the dark days of winter we have our trip to Puerto Rico next Thursday (the excitement is building), but before that fun comes Annalisse's two mid-term exams on Tuesday, for which we will be spending a lot of the weekend studying. On Saturday, I'll be enjoying a massage and pedicure at Woodcliff thanks to a very thoughtful surprise Christmas gift from Mark (his own idea, according to Annalisse). I'll be having my massage at 11, then Mark and Annalisse will join me for lunch at noon, then after lunch A. and I will get pedis. A perfect way to spend the day! I expect that while we're sitting in the chairs we may be reviewing AP Bio notes. That should be fun for the pedi person to hear for an hour...


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