Last night I took Annalisse and a couple of friends over to RIT for the Fun concert (you may remember that we gave her two tickets to Fun for her birthday present). The concert had originially been scheduled for Saturday night but needed to be rescheduled because Fun was invited to appear on SNL. That made for a little planning on Sunday (and all weekend, actually) to ensure that Annalissse was well studied and well rested for her AP Bio exam first thing Monday morning. The timing was not ideal, but what can you do?

While the kids were at the concert I hung out in RIT's Java Wally's, the very cool and comfortable coffee house within the Wallace Library. (If I went to RIT I would hang out there all the time. Cam claims he never goes there...probably just the thought that his mother loves that place is enough to keep him away, thinking it's super un-coool). I sipped creme brule coffee while finishing a book for bookclub and catching up on other reading. I also spent a lot of energy trying to stay awake.

By 10pm (which was really 11pm since the time had just changed on Sunday at 2am) I was nodding off big time. At around 10:30 Annalisse texted to say the band was playing their encore, so I headed to the car where the girls met me a little while later. Annalisse reported that she tried to hang with her brother but he would have none of it. Big surprise! She did manage to get some awkward shots with him.

Here's a video of Fun's "Some Nights," their current chart topper:


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