The Dog Sitters

Wet Dog Blues
On Tuesday we were on the road to another college visit, this time to Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. We went on Tuesday afternoon to stay over for another college visit day which started at 8:30am on Wednesday.

While gone, I asked my niece, Nicole, to look after Jasper. It seemed like a good idea - Nic's boyfriend, Patrick, had been bugging her to get a dog and what better experience than to take care of a really cute dog for a day or two?

Poor Nic! As fate would have it she had the pleasure of taking Jasper out during pouring down rain (after a really strong thunderstorm) for a long walk during which he DID NOT POOP. She was so worried...should she keep walking? In the pouring rain? When she told Patrick they would have to pick up the eventual poop that would occur he was appalled: "I'm not picking up poop!" - Patrick's got a long way to go until he's ready for a puppy!

Then, the next evening (we were expected home around 8:30 so Nic came over to take Pup out and feed him) Jasper pulled one of his "I'm going to sit right here and not budge" moves on a nearby street. Nic panicked and had no idea what to do - she couldn't get him moving. I forgot to tell her that every once in a while he gets something in his head and wants to go a certain way on his walk. Then, when she eventually got him home he wouldn't come into the house. She was not happy with our usually placid, agreeable dog. Of course, we found it quite humorous.

We gave Nic and Patrick a cherry pie for all their trouble. I wonder if their thoughts on having a dog have altered just a little bit?!

A treat for our good boy
(One of the purposes of this little tale [tail!] is to point out that we were ONCE AGAIN traveling. There are still several college trips left in August. I will be glad when they are done.)


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