Charles P. Munk

Charles "Chip" Munk
Last night Annalisse returned from her walk with Jasper and as they were heading up the driveway she started yelling, "Mom! Mom! Come and get Jasper!" I HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON, and thought the worst: What was wrong with Jasper? 

Apparently nothing more than a mouthful of baby chipmunk. There, on the driveway toddling along and tipping over and getting back up and shaking and squeaking was the littlest chipmunk I had ever seen. WHAT DO WE DO? we asked in panic.

I decided to take a walk down to our neighbors, who are both vets, to ask for advice. The husband vet gave me a couple of numbers for wildlife rehabbers who would come to our house to get the chipmunk before nursing it back to the wild. Since it was 8pm, though I had a hard time reaching anyone. We were worried; the poor little guy - who by now Annalisse had named "Jack" - would probably not make it through the night on his own and we had no idea what to do with him. Finally, a friend "tweeted" Annalisse that her mom was a vet and we could bring the chippy over to their place until the morning, when her mom would take it with her to Lollypop Farm to give to one of their wildlife rehab folks. So, we loaded chippy, who I suggested we rename Charles "Chip" P. Munk, into the car and headed out.

We waited all day today to hear if he had made it through the word. Could that be bad news? Luckily Annalisse got text from her friend Ana saying that Charles was doing great.

Yesterday was a weird day for wildlife. We saw a racoon get rolled by a car on the way to pick up Annalisse's senior pictures, then the crisis with Charles the Chipmunk. I don't think the racoon faired very well, so the universe balanced itself with us saving the chipmunk.


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