Clear The Roads!

Today the second Baker kid got her driver's permit. That makes two Bakers unofficially "on the road." Kid #1 needs to retake the 5-hour driving course before he can take his road test (the first 5-hour course expired as they are only good for one year, and this has been a long, drawn-out process...), then he'll be ready to take his big test. Kid #2 needs to get basic training and will be taking driver's ed, probably some time this fall. We learned a great lesson from Kid #1 to Kid #2: TAKE DRIVER'S ED. Without it, the insurance increase is HUGE. We chose private lessons over driver's ed for Kid #1, I think because it didn't work with his schedule at the time, but what an expensive lesson to learn. The cost for insuring him is double as a result.

Boy, all this teenage driving freaks me out. I have no idea how my father did this with three girls.


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