Senior Pictures, NYC, and All That Jazz

It has been an eventful week with nary a minute to spare to (or to blog). First things first:

SENIOR PICTURES! Annalisse went for her senior picture shoot at Keepsake Photography last Friday and they came out awesome! Jasper came along for the shoot and, after many attempts the photographer was able to get some really good pix of them together. Here's a link in case you want to take a look; I'm not sure how long they'll be available but they are really great!! Paying for them is a little like paying a small mortgage, but hey, what can you do? It's her senior picture.

The other big thing this week was my trip to NYC for the NAGAP meeting. This was my second time in the Big Apple - you can read about my first time here. I will say again how fortunate I am to be part of this awesome group of innovative, smart colleagues and how lucky I am to be able to travel to great places with them. There is no way I could afford to go to these locations and stay in the desirable areas in which we stay in (this time at the Empire Hotel, across from Lincoln Square right right near Central Park). We did a great amount of walking, which felt wonderful, and ate delicious food. It was a very successful two days of strategic planning (held at Fordham University, just a block from the hotel) followed by our association's board meeting. A lot of work with a bit of fun thrown in, too!

The most fun thing we did was to go to the Broadway show (my first!), Nice Work If You Can Get It starring Matthew Broderick (Bueller? Bueller?). A mish-mash of Gershwin tunes wrapped around a silly story, it was a delightful show, with the possible exception of the performance by MB, which we universally agreed was really flat (the expression "phoning it in" comes to mind). But, so much fun!

Now, it looks like things will slow down a little for a while, anyway. For the remainder of the summer and early fall, we'll mainly just be doing some day trips for our final College Tour '12 and a little bit of recruitment travel thrown in. Other than that I'm looking forward to staying put and paying off bills after a very expensive summer!

At this writing, the chickens are all home for a little while. Cam finished his camp job today and will be home until the end of August, before he heads back to RIT for his sophomore year, and Annalisse is in the midst of the Kaplan SAT prep course to get her ready for the ACT and SAT exams this fall. Once again I ask you: Where does the time go?!

James Earl Jones exiting his show
The Theatre Crowd
The Letterman Show 
Wall 'O Posters - Broadway


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