What's that feeling? Oh, yeah - RELIEF.

Finals week has been a long week filled with anxiety and a queasy stomach. No, not for Cameron or Annalisse - for me. I've been very nervous for a while now about Cam and his commitment to his senior year schoolwork, and this week presented the last set of challenges following a very long year. Cam had four tests this week, none of which he appeared to be studying for. The kicker was, once he had completed his Physics regents on Wednesday, when I asked "How did it go?", his response was "I didn't know half the questions." STOMACH FLIP (for me, not him).

I spent the whole night and next morning worrying about his pre-calc final (the same class he was failing at mid-term), and told him directly that if he did not spend some time studying for this last test he would not be going to TBW (Taco Bell Wednesday). WOW! For the first time in a while he dragged out his stuff and started studying. The things that motivate these kids. On Thursday afternoon, when asked how the pre-calc test went, his response was "Easy." A good omen. All I know is I haven't gotten a call from the school and I feel more relief than I have in a year, knowing there's a pretty good chance (dare I say 100%?) that he's on track to graduate next Thursday.

Knock, knock. Who's There? JOY and HAPPINESS.

Anxiety, don't let the door hit you on the way out.


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