Grilling Weiner

Another politician has joined the recent (and not so recent) ranks of being a lewd (married) cad who texts sexy pictures of himself to a cadre of acquaintances (including strippers and porn types) and thinks he can get away with it. What is it with these guys? Seriously, what kind of ego must it take to think you can be in the public eye and do something so public and get away with it? And now the news is reporting that this poor guy's wife is pregnant...they just got married last year. I feel sorry for that woman.

The best part about this whole scandal is guy's name: Anthony Weiner. WEINER! Can you believe the possibilities with that one? "Weiner sent a picture of his wiener"..."Boy, are they ever grilling Weiner"..." That guy is such a weiner"...see what I mean?! You can't make this stuff up!

Judging from the picture of Weiner in this post, what woman in her right mind would even accept a sexually themed text from this guy? YUCK.


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