Reflections on Fun

Sometimes it feels like work is "something that I just have to do" to get to the fun stuff each summer. No wonder I love summer so much...even if we weren't going to Las Vegas next week or DC in August, it's the fun of the lazy, warm summer days that gets me. I love being home and just hanging with the kids (when they're around) and Jasper. This past weekend was especially special and memorable, and this coming weekend is my 30th reunion.

I think a lot about how I graduated in '81, and Cam how graduated exactly 30 years later. Who would have known what the future would hold when I was a naive 17-year-old with no real idea what it meant to be an adult, and not really any idea what I wanted to be "when I grew up." I reflect on that time in my life and wonder how my parents felt when I was graduating from MCHS. Did they have the same feelings of pride and anxiety I've experienced this past year with Cameron? For some reason, I'm not sure they thought as much about it as I did...this intense parent involvement in their children's lives seems to be a fairly new concept. Of course, I'm sure they wanted the best for me, but I think their expectations were different than mine for Cam and Annalisse. Having never gone to college, I think they would have been happy to see me in a retail job or getting a job at one of the area manufacturing plants. I'd like to think I exceeded their expectations.

So, there's certainly a lot to this summer. Do you wonder why I love it so much?


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