Another "Last"

Today is Cam's last day of high school as tomorrow, the REAL last day, the seniors are heading to Darien Lake for a little fun and mayhem. Even though this is technically his "last" day, he's been basically checked out of HS academics for a while now. It's been a real struggle to keep him focused (not that it was successful), with constant reminders that his senior year's grades do count. Oh well. After next week's finals we can all breathe a sigh of relief and the homework nagging can stop for a couple of months. Among other worries I might have about what he may encounter at college, here is my prayer as he starts this new chapter in his life:
God, please give my son the maturity to stay focused on his homework now that I won't be there to nag him every night. Amen.
Good luck on finals, Cam!! It's been a "fun" ride!!


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