This is a post about NOTHING

Just like the TV show Seinfeld, this is a post mostly about "nothing." There's simply been nothing really exciting to write about, life is just chugging along. The kids are done with school but still have tests (Cam is done on Thursday, and Annalisse has a couple of tests this week and next), we are counting down to graduation (June 24), and I'm just trying to balance Cam's assumption that he can come and go as he pleases with having him home at a reasonable hour so I can go to bed. Interesting times. I was recently putting together a slide show for his graduation celebration dinner, and was moved to watch how my "baby" grew out of the towheaded smiley boy into a handsome young man. Time does fly.

We are gearing up for a very busy summer as Annalisse tries to secure a job to support her shopping habits. It looks like she might have a berry picking gig at Chases Farm Market, and she'll be giving the owner a call back tonight to discuss that. While I'm sure the work won't be super fun or interesting, the pay will sure be great for her!! Aside from the time we already have trips planned and her two week CIT program at Camp Bristol, she's pretty available to work, especially during August and the fall.

I'm a parent who happens to love summer and having the kids around. It's nice to not have to make lunches, nag about homework, go to evening school activities, nag about homework, make sure everyone gets to bed at a reasonable hour, and NAG ABOUT HOMEWORK.

There are exciting weeks ahead. Stay tuned!!


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