Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wanted: Escape

Boy, do I feel like I need a change of scenery. March is a cruel, long, cold, dark, teasingly exasperating month, and I've had enough. I definitely feel like I need a little escape sans la familia, if you know what I'm saying.

I'm a little concerned about my attitude these days. I'm cranky, impatient, hypersensitive to criticism, non-sympathetic, critical, and just about any other negative adjective you can pack into one sentence. I DO NOT LIKE THIS ABOUT MYSELF, and I really feel like I need a break from the routine of work and home. I think I may be having a little bit of a mid-life crisis (of course, women get them but we don't buy cars and boats), and I feel restless and dissatisfied with many aspects of my life. In other words, is this all there is?

(Don't tell me about all the good things [kids, spouse, job, home, dog], of course I know about that and am appreciative every day; but HEY, can't everybody have a little pity party once in a while? We aren't all happy all the time...)

LUCKILY, I will get a little break from the routine next week with my trip to Washington, DC for my professional conference. I have a little secret: I love being by myself in a hotel. I love everything about it: the big bed, the crisp sheets, the TV all to myself. I am quite content with peace and quiet.

The best part is, mid-way through my stay I really begin to miss my family. When I get home I'm ready to deal with the piles of clothes, dishes, lights being left on, taking the dog out, etc. etc. ETC., refreshed anew.

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