Regarding Japan

Sometimes you can judge how busy I am by the number of blog posts I manage to write in a week. By that measure, it's been a very busy week.

But, I just wanted to write a little about how sad and troubled I am about what the people of Japan are going through right now, following their devastating 9.0 earthquake, which caused a horrific tsunami, which resulted in extensive damage and a meltdown of several nuclear power plants. What those poor people have had to deal with, what they have lost, and the uncertain future they face is very upsetting to think about. It is really a cause for pause for all of us, as we complain about about a long, cold, snowy winter that's been followed by a dark, damp, frigid spring. We should all just retreat into our war, dry, radiation-free homes (this must be the day to describe things in "threes") and count our blessings.

We have heard from some how this, and other such environmental disasters, are proof of God's dissatisfaction with (wo)mankind, causing him to unleash His wrath upon us. We have heard from others of the uplifting stories arising from this and other disasters. My take is: you can't control Mother Nature. You can build on fault lines and tempt fate, but the truth is earthquakes and tsunamis have been occurring for millions of years as the living Earth continues to constantly change. Such natural phenomenon have only been an issue since humans have been around, and tried in vain to control the land and sea.

Still, so, so sad for the people of Japan...and very troubling times in the world right now, with all the wars and natural disasters. I wonder if every generation worries that the world will not survive for their children and grandchildren just as I certainly do right now.


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