My Teenage Crush

It's a fact. Every young girl has a teenage crush. The fantasy object of my affection was Parker Stevenson, the co-star (with Shaun Cassidy, the object of many other teenage girls' affection, but never mine) on the Hardy Boys, the late '70s Sunday night adventure/detective show on ABC.

(How the heck do I remember that? I can't even remember what I did last weekend.)

Oh, how many days and nights I spent fantasizing about those piercing blue eyes and that perfectly coiffed hair, and that preppy, clean cut face (and body). I must admit, I look at pictures of PS now, 35+ years later, and still feel those heartstrings-a-stiring! Of course, every generation has its Parker Stevenson, or David Cassidy, or Scott Baio, or Leonardo DiCaprio. Behold: Justin Beiber!

I will most likely stick to fantasizing about the Parker Stevenson circa 1977 since he didn't fare too well after that. He married the obnoxious Kirstie Alley (who is a disaster), could hardly get a job except for the first season of Baywatch, lost most of his hair, and when his marriage broke up, sued KA for spousal support. MAN UP!

Due to the power of Netflix I can now stream the Hardy Boys directly to my computer and watch Parker Stevenson anytime I want. I can, but will I?


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