Annalisse and Mark's Big Date

Last night Annalisse and Mark attended our church's Father/Daughter Snow Ball. As you can imagine if you know Annalisse, there was a big build up for her first "formal" dance that included finding just the right dress and endless speculation of how she should wear her hair. At the beginning of January we found a cute little black and white dress at BonTon for 70% off (luckily she liked it better than the dress that cost $60).

Finally, the big day came and she got ready for the "Ball" and she and her "date" left around 5pm. The reports at 8:00, when they returned, were of a really fun night with good food and a lot of dancing with her "posse" (the group of friends she hangs with at church). In the meantime, Cam and I went out to our favorite Thai restaurant before coming home to hang with the dog. A vision of things to come, I'm sure!


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