Mrs. Hauser's Lament

"There's very little that happens in Middle School that the secretary does not know about..." lamented Mrs. Hauser, wrapping up a blockbuster weekend of Johanna Perrin Middle School's original play, "Much Ado About Middle School." Another year of acting has ended for Annalisse and her friends, and both nights were great performances, followed by hanging with the cast - first at Applebees on Friday night, then waiting up for her to get home from the cast party - keeping us up until midnight both nights (which was, of course, about three hours past my bedtime). I have one crabby kid on my hands as she struggles to get ready for church (the junior choir sings at the 8:30am service, and then, to add to her dismay, she has to acolyte at the 11am service). Not happy...I think it will take some kind of bribe to get her out the door this morning. Many thanks to family and friends who joined us for Annalisse's special nights!


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