Adventures in Sraping

This morning we met the day with a very thick covering of ice on our cars from what was supposed to be a very bad overnight ice storm (the weather people have not really been getting those devastating storms right this season...the precipitation just never adds up. Nonetheless, schools and churches began cancelling evening activities at 3pm yesterday. Not to be deterred by some hyped up weather reports, I went for a nice walk with the pup and was greeted only by a little sleet spitting out of the sky).

It took 20 minutes of scraping, chipping and cursing to make the car drivable (curses to that 12' aluminum boat that's taking up all the room in the garage...and the bikes...and the grill...and the dog crate...). It compels me to ask, what did we ever do before car defrosters? Discuss amongst yourselves...


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