Definitely A New Experience

Last night we held a Christian Passover Seder, an activity that Annalisse and her mentor planned for her confirmation project. I must say, it was a very different experience, and a very interesting one. Annalisse and Chris, her mentor who is also our next door neighbor, went shopping for the elements of the meal (an egg, bitter herbs [horseradish], green herbs [parsley], salt water, and Haroseth [a mixture of chopped apples, nuts, cinnamon and wine - we used Walldorf salad as a substitute]. Chris printed out the speaking parts for the ceremony, and I prepared "the paschal meal." For the meal I cooked a leg of lamb, a rice dish, and spinach. Chris brought a tossed salad and the Walldorf salad (which we used for the Haroseth). In addition to Chris, we invited our Associate Pastor and our neighbors Morey and Ann. There was wine and Matzoh all around, and we all participated in the speaking parts.

Next, Annalisse will create a PowerPoint presentation about the experience, as well as samples of the meal elements described above, to be presented to her confirmation peers at the end of the April. I think it's going to be a great success!


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