In Like a Lamb

Today is the first day of March. Spring is just 20 short days away (on the calendar anyway). March is in like a lamb with really mild temps that will make for a great trip up to the dog hill.

The house is very quiet this weekend. Annalisse is at the church's Winter Weekend (or Jesus Camp, as Cameron likes to call it), so it's just me and the boys. Cameron has a People to People meeting across town, then we're having one of Mark's co-workers over for dinner (spaghetti dinner with MY FAMOUS HOMEMADE SAUCE).

Some amusement for you: Annalisse has a boyfriend (she's been waiting a lllloooonnnnggg time - in kid years, anyway). They've been "going out" for three weeks, and "she just loves him so much." His name is Sawyer and anytime she talks about him she has to point out the fact that he's shorter than she is (actually, a pretty difficult thing to be seeing that she's head and shoulders shorter than her peers). I told her to stop emphasizing his height as it will probably give him a complex.

Off to begin my Saturday...


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