Easter Weekend Recap

Whew! That weekend went way too fast! Start with a quick overnight trip up north to Massena, throw in all the regular weekend catch-up (laundry, shopping, vacuuming up the VOLUMES of dog hair that plague my house daily), Easter Sunday Church, Easter dinner, a couple of walks, a trip to up the field, and you've got...Monday Morning.

The kids and I had a nice trip up to Massena. Even though it was quick (Mark couldn't go at the last minute because of work), I was able to visit my Aunt whose health has not been great, and my Uncle, whose also had a lot of health challenges in the last couple of years. I spent some time with my mother, took her out to dinner and dropped her off for a few hours at the slots (her favorite activity - I'm merely the ride...). My poor little town...between the recent downtown fire, empty store fronts, rampant unemployment, and aging relatives it bears little resemblance to the great Village I grew up in. Still, there are hints and reminders that flash back to me with every visit. Massena always reminds me of the Simon and Garfunkel song, My Little Town (one of my faves of theirs). I've been really luck to live the majority of my life in two towns. I think the reason we chose Fairport is that I wanted my kids to have the experience of growing up in a village, just like I did.

Oh well, Monday morning and back to the grind!


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