The Greatest Invention in the World - EVER!

Music has always been a big part of my life. It is able to evoke long buried memories, much like certain smells can, and I have always dreamed of having all my favorite music, "the music of my life" in one place. Along the way I thought it would be cool if you could go on the Internet and order a CD of all your favorite songs, and I looked into that several years ago. While someone had actually thought of it, it cost quite a bit to order such a CD. Then, and I think you know where I'm going with this, my friend Sue turned me onto the iPod. I think Sue got one of the first off the assembly line (when they were made just for Apple computers) and she would rave about how I needed to get one (she knew me well and knew how I loved "my music.").

I put her off for a little while, until the PC version of the iPod came out, and I think I got one of those first models off the assembly line (judging from the size of my iPod in relation to later models - it's a bit of a monster). So, in a nutshell, I now have the "songs of my life" (over 1,000, which is actually a small number in comparison to others, I know) all in one place, and it has changed my life. There is nothing like a great walk or a long car ride with your favorite music! Awesome! (I also convinced a co-worker she needed to get one...she says it has also changed her life.) What an invention!

(A great side benefit - my kids are also now turned onto the power of music through their iPods, especially my son, who has never really has much interest in music. His iPod now contains a lot of stuff off my list - 70s classics and such [not to mention all his videos...].)


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