Ahhhhhh, Summer!

Finally, something resembling summer has arrived. This weekend, the long Memorial Day weekend, marks the unofficial start of my favorite season. I absolutely love the warm weather, and absolutely hate working in the summer. I blame that on my father, who never made me work while I was a teenager. The warm nights, the cool mornings, the birds, the breeze, the summer food - all of it!! At least I only work 1/2 days on Fridays (my job has "summer hours").

This summer's schedule is revolving around when/if we get our puppy. Scheduled to be born next week, we're hoping, if all goes well, we'll be bringing her home around July 25 - still enough time to enjoy the warm weather and all the fun stuff that goes along with having a puppy. The kids schedules - that's another story. Every year it's like a giant puzzle between planning summer camp, child care, my vacation time, and other activities.

This year the kids will once again be going to 4-H Camp Brisol for two weeks (not consecutively) in July (During which Mark and I go out to a different restaurant every night - it's a vacation for us, too! We rush home from work, get changed, and off we go!). The main goal for summer childcare - to get the kids off the computer, away from the TV, and out of the house.

The view from May 25: the summer stretches out ahead of us...with nothing but sunny days (and a great thunderstorm or two, or three) and hanging out on the porch in sight...!


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