Tuesday, May 15, 2007


For a really long time, we've been collecting Annalisse-isms. That is, things that our daughter, Annalisse has said that make absolutely no sense or are mixed up in a very funny way. A couple of classics:

  • Hey! Look at that Red Jay (cardinal/bird)!
  • I'm going to ruin the world! (rule the world)
  • This summer I'm going to sleep in early every day.
  • When tattled on by her brother for picking her butt...her reply: I try not to!
  • Jugs Judy (the TV judge)
  • At the airport gate in Pittsburgh: Look Mom! Those people are going to King Kong! (Hong Kong)
  • At the Nazareth College Bookstore: Let's go into the Nazareth gift shop!
  • Referring to "The Soup's" Kick-Ass Clip of the Week: Cameron, it's the *bleep* Ass Clip of the Week ~ ooops, wrong word bleeped....

And from Sunday School...

  • It was ordered by King Harold (vs. King Herrod).
  • Jesus had 12 impossals.
  • Jesus went to Duruselem (Jerusalem).


Annalisse said...

hey this is annalisse i just wanted to say that this is ssoo cool! i'll think of more "annalisse-isms"!like i said this is so cool but it is a little "boobish" lol well i'll talk to u later<3

emh0404 said...

How can I get away with picking my butt? Hey, sometimes, you just gotta. Doesn't matter if you're in the office, or at the mall, or the grocery store, or...