Puppy Dreams

For those of you who know us, you know we lost our beloved Golden Retriever, Casey at 2 3/4 years old in April after she ate 2-16 oz. bags of semi-sweet chocolate chips. A counter surfer from way back, she got into the chocolate during the brief hour-and-a-half we had left the house on a Saturday morning. We truly feel like we have lost a family member, and think about (and talk about, and miss) her every day.

We are "on the list" for a new golden pup to be born in late May, and are hoping all arrive safely, and that there will be a girl in the litter for us. Her mom is expecting 10 puppies, so the odds seem pretty good. We are so looking forward to our life getting "back to normal" once the puppy arrives. Her name will be Clover (officially: Clover Do-Over).

I recently read an article about what the the type of dog a person/family chooses says about them: http://www.usaweekend.com/07_issues/070422/070422pets.html. In particular, with the outgoing and friendly Golden, the dog gives the person who might otherwise be shy a chance (excuse?) to meet people with whom they might not otherwise engage, or stop to chat with on those summer (fall, winter, and spring) strolls around the neighborhood. Who can resist a Golden, right? So friendly, and in our case, trustworthy. I don't think Casey would ever have done anything out of character. We trusted her implicitly.
The part about why certain people choose certain dogs is so true! I never thought I would be a dog person, but I (we) so enjoyed making new acquaintances, and getting to know people on our daily walks. Since Casey's been gone, I no longer feel part of the club. BUT, I hope to renew my membership in it with Clover!


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