One to go!

Cam and his buddies
What a momentous weekend! Cam graduated with pomp and circumstance on Saturday. I can't believe his formal educational journey is over (unless he gets a doctorate...). The years have been filled with lots of anxiety (on my part, about grades) and worrying about getting things done on time and hoping he finds the motivation to do his best (still not sure he totally "did his best" at all times), but my work here is done. Relief!!!

He attended the all-college convocation on Friday while Annalisse and I did various running around, and on Saturday morning, we all attended (well a lot of us) the College of Science graduation. It was wrapped up in a tidy 1 1/2 hours, after which we took some pictures and stopped by the COS reception before heading to a nice lunch at The Lodge at Woodcliff. A very special day!!! We are so proud that Cam was able to finish strong, and look forward to seeing how his career unfolds for him.

We had a good (quick trip) to Rockville, MD on Tuesday/Wednesday which turned out to be for two interviews instead of just one. He had the interview with Omnitec (contracting to NIH) scheduled for 11am, but he had gotten an email on our way down saying that a company in Bethesda also wanted to speak with him, so he had an informal meeting with the manager for a position at the Walter Reed Medical Center at 8am on Wednesday before heading to his 11am interview. He thought the interviews went well, and is more interested in the Walter Reed position, but, alas, has not yet heard back on that one. He's going to follow up with them tomorrow. He felt the position with Omnitec was more like a co-op, and well below his skills and training. In a nutshell, he thought he would be super bored and not getting great experience, and would like to hold out for something more at his level of training and expertise.

This week he'll start the process of moving home, as he puts the finishing touches on his thesis and concentrates on really looking for a position.

We are heading into another busy week which will find us taking Annalisse to Toronto on Tuesday for her flight to Pisa. Off she goes!! Then two weeks from tomorrow, we will be heading to the Emerald Isle! Can't wait!!


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