On the move...and other news!

Well, hello there. Yes, I've been busy, and a little lazy, too. Welcome back!

This past weekend could definitely be defined with one word: MOVING.

Moving Part I: On Friday, Mark and I took a quick trip down to Alexandria to load up our car and Mom's car for her move back to Rochester. We are super happy to have her back, but she is very sad about leaving the kids, and it will be a big adjustment for her to be back. We were there for just a day. I left at 6:30am on Saturday morning to head back with my full car, while Mom and Mark waited for the movers, who were supposed to arrive between noon-2pm. Well, they got a call saying the movers would not arrive until between 4-5pm, and it was 5:30 by the time they showed up, and 8:30 by the time they left. Mom and Mark finally left Virginia at 8:45pm, and arrived in Fairport at 4:45am. What a night. Thankfully they made it home safely as, in addition to being up all night, the weather was pouring rain all the way.

Moving Part II: Last Wednesday, Nic and Patrick closed on their house in East Rochester, and took through the weekend to paint and repair different items. They moved all their stuff in on Saturday, and have been trying to get settled. They've had company from out of town to help out so I've not gotten in the way, but may try to help them get settled this week if they have a project or two I can do.

In other Baker news: On April 21 (JASPER'S 9th BIRTHDAY!), Cam successfully defended his Master's thesis, and made some further tweaks last week before handing in the edited version on Thursday. WHEW! Now, he just needs to finish up his incomplete from last term. We've decided on a nice luncheon at The Lodge at Woodcliff following his graduation on May 21. Now, to find a job...!!

In Trip News: We've booked our accommodations for our trip to Ireland, and now just need to figure out the rental car situation. Two of the rentals (through Airbnb) are apartments in Dublin, and in Cork we will be staying in a pre-1800s (modernized) thatched roof cottage. It will definitely be an expensive jaunt, but we are very much looking forward to it.

Other than that, somehow the weeks fill up and I'm left with very little "down time." The spring weather remains cold, dark and rainy - probably payment for our mild winter. But, a bright spot: the Fairport Farmer's Market opens this weekend, so it can't be all that bad!


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