Everything is so green right now. The buds and plants are popping, and lawns are lush from a rainy spring. It's so wooonnndddeeerrrfulll!

I waited all week, looking forward to Saturday when I had big plans to start my day with a delicious chocolate croissant from Amazing Grains Bakery after a walk to the (first weekend opened) Fairport Farmer's Market. Then, my goal was to get my very weedy herb garden hoed and raked out. All was accomplished, plus a nap on the sunny window seat. HEAVEN.

On Friday, I left work a little early to go to Mom S.'s place as the movers were (finally) scheduled to arrive around 4pm. I stayed to help unwrap stuff, and Mark came after work to relieve me while I went home to walk Jasper. What a disaster this move has been. A lot of her stuff was damaged, including her beloved piano, which the movers must have dropped as the bottom was broken, parts of it were take off, and there were big chips of wood broken off. Additionally, she is missing some boxes. She is going to call the mover today and hopefully she'll get some resolution and answers. It's a been bit of a traumatic week for her between the stress of moving, being without her stuff for a week, then having it arrive damaged and missing. I'm hoping this week goes better for her ~ she's been pretty upset.

Yesterday we celebrated a nice Mother's Day characterized by eating, eating, eating. After church, Jim and Nara hosted us at the Rochester Yacht Club for a Mother's Day lunch, then we had early reservations for dinner with Mom S. and Pat at Warfield's Restaurant in Clifton Springs. Both meals were great and the company was wonderful, but, boy! was that a lot of eating!

Unfortunately, it's Monday again and I have to once again begin the countdown to the weekend. Annalisse comes home tomorrow night, so things around here should become a little more animated when she's around. Please send good thoughts to her as she has two finals tomorrow (Tuesday), and she's a little worried about her Nutrition Education exam. Then, two weeks from tomorrow she departs for her trip to Italy. Wow, did that year go fast, or what?!


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