I'm off for a week! I'm on vacation! Siesta! 

I don't have very much planned for the next week that I'm off ~ Cam is working. Mark is working. Annalisse is at her internship for three days. IT'S OKAY! The porch and my books are calling me, not to mention wonderful pup time. This weekend kicks off with Mark's 35th Pittsford-Mendon High School reunion at Cobblestone Creek (what to wear? what to wear?), and on Monday I'm going to have some "girl time" when Nic, Annalisse, Mary and I head down to Canandaigua for some old house tours at the Granger Homestead (haunted!) and Sonnenberg Gardens (probably also haunted!), along with a nice lunch at Simply Crepes. Annalisse has her road test on Wednesday afternoon (it's about time), and other than that the week is wide open for me. What a great feeling!

It's been such a crazy summer so far. There was a time when work seemed to have quiet/downtime where I could focus on projects and really explore new initiatives, but this summer has been a real grind. I did bring my laptop home, so I think I will try to get a few things done since I won't have any interruptions, but there's a difference between doing work at home with your pjs and fluffy socks on, and being at still sort of seems like vacation.

So if you try to find me...look on the porch!


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