Holiday Weekend Recap

It's only a little bit ironic that I used this photo since
I am not a big fan of fireworks
It's the Sunday wind-down-holiday-weekend recap. What a wonderful weather weekend, and a weekend filled with low-key fun. Just in case you forgot:


Ahhh, it's so wonderful. It's still my goal to get a job with summers off. Two more years...when Annalisse is done with college...I'm hoping I can make some changes and figure out a way to not work in the summer months. We'll keep noodling on that one.

Anyway, back to the weekend. 

On Friday morning, Mark and I got up early and headed back up north to do some more cleaning and packing in my Mom's house. This time, we attacked the basement (damp, yuck) and threw tons of stuff out, and packed up other stuff. We were not able to bring as much back to Rochester as we had hoped, with the plan being to bring the boxes and boxes of housewares and tchotchke back to be donated to the annual Advent House sale (Morey gladly takes it off our hands and delivers it to the donation center). We got into town around 11am, had lunch, then got to work. We finished up around 3:30, then went up to wish Aunt Carol Chase a happy 95th birthday (her big day was Thursday, July 2). Then it was on the road again.We made a stop at Mary's on the way home and had a delicious dinner before heading back out at 8 and getting home at 10:45pm. A long day, but a productive day. Where we stand now: Carol and her boyfriend, Paul, are supposed be coming to Rochester next weekend and bringing the rest of the boxes for donation. If that goes as planned, the house should be pretty much empty (and in need of a good cleaning), and Mary is scheduled to meet with a potential realtor mid-month. 

On Saturday morning I got up at 6am and headed to Wegmans to get lunch supplies for a cookout after the Fairport parade. Cam ran the Firecracker 5k at 8am, then we watched the parade (too many politicians!). After the parade Nic, Patrick, Mike, Maggie and the boys came over for hots, hambs, and other great food. All the Bakers were down for the count and took naps in the afternoon. I had to wake everyone up at 6pm. That's the sign of a successful day...a great nap! 

This morning I got up early again and had my bagel at a leisurely Sunday morning pace (LOVED IT). Then, the furriest member of the family really needed a bath (to his dismay), and, of course, it took him all day to dry out but he smells much, much better now. We went to visit our neighbor, Ann, at the Highlands nursing home, then it was over to Trader Joe's to pick up some items and a haircut for Mark. Afterwards, NAPTIME!

We had dinner at home then took a walk to Moonlight for ice cream, getting ready to face another busy week. Annalisse just has two weeks left to her summer class, so that bit of running around will be done soon. July is shaping up to be very busy, with weekdays and weekends filling up. One thought has been going through my mind for the last month of so: I'd like to be a little less busy...summer is going by so fast, I'm trying to savor every minute!


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