Pull those weeds!

Another summer weekend has flown by...slow down! And how do we wrap up a warm, beautiful weekend? With a turkey dinner, of course...courtesy of my sister, Carol, who is visiting. I'll take it! Turkey in July!

Mark and I spent most of the weekend pulling weeds and doing some yard clean-up. I'm very disappointed in my herb garden this year, and actually with a lot of my plants. I planted really sweet yellow, orange and gold pansies at the end of May to brighten up the garden, and they mostly pooped out. So, do I rake them out and plant new? Well, yes and no. I turned the dirt over to get a lot of the weeds out, and took out most of the pansies, but left a few. Planting all those little plants is not my idea of fun, so I will need to decide  if I want to plant new annuals (like a hearty begonia) this late in the season.

Adding to my floral disappointment this year, I decided to get red geranium hanging pots for the front porch, remembering a couple of years back how beautiful and ever-blooming a geranium plant my aunt gave to me was. Another bust. They also are not doing well and I will probably not spend $100 to get all new pots. Oh well, lessons learned. Next year I will stick with what I know works.

On the bright side, though, Mark did a lot of weeding on the garden path, and I spent time pulling weed after weed out of the patio, so the lawn areas are looking very nice right now. I still take great pleasure in the polities of the bird community, as they squabble and squawk, waiting for their turn to visit the feeder. Yesterday between going to the market, the yard work, and a couple of walks with pup I got to 25,000 steps. Yay!

Onto another week, then a whole week of "staycation" which will find Annalisse and I just doing stuff around Rochester, and I will probably even get in a nap or two. I am woefully behind on my summer reading, instead binge watching great TV on Netflix. Discipline! ~ that I am sorely lacking these days!


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