Kids and Careers

This summer, both kids have been making great strides in preparation for their respective careers.

Cam and his pals
Cam has been involved in Bioinformatics research at RIT for 40 hours a week (paid, thankfully), and comes home really excited about his progress and victories related to the project he is working on. Of course, when he explains what he's doing I have no idea what he's taking about. Oh well. Don't you hate it when they get smarter than us? Anyway, he's also involved in beginning his Master's thesis, the proposal of which he will defend in early fall. But it hasn't been all work for him, he's been having fun spending time with his Bioinformatics friends this summer and has developed a real bond with them. It's very nice to see.

The RD Intern
Then, in addition to her Bio class (in which she got a "B"), Annalisse has been working as a volunteer nutrition intern at Trillium Health.  For her program, she needs 250 volunteer hours by the time she earns her degree, so between volunteering at school and summers she needs to piece that together. At Trillium, she's working Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays between 8:30 and 2 or 3pm, and is doing very meaty stuff. She's sitting in on counseling sessions, assisting with nutrition classes, working one-on-one with clients for meal planning, and working in their food shelf program. We couldn't have asked for a better first exposure to the profession, and she's really liking it. It's been a really "hands on" volunteer experience, and I think it will go a long way toward positioning herself when it comes to securring required internship at the end of her program.

A summer well spent!


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