T-G-I-F, you can say that again!

I'm so glad this week is over. Between having my first colonscopy ("clean as a whistle" ~ TMI?), and niggly little annoying things at work, I'm maxed out. How long until retirement, again? Oh, yeah...like 30 more years. Blerg.Yesterday I also had a check up with my surgeon/NP, who will now see me once a year for four more years, and all is well. She thinks I'm doing great (and I am!).

By the way, we STILL do not have our new car (I think Mark counted 14 weeks since we ordered), but we are told it should be here by May 1. It better be! To top it all off, it's been a nasty, cold, rainy, snowy week.

Mark heads to Saratoga for the afternoon for Cam's Liberty League race, and he will pick Annalisse up in Syracuse on the way back so she can attend Alex's track meet at St. John Fisher tomorrow. Then, we have dinner plans with friends on Saturday night. Fun!

At this point the weekend looks so busy I'm not sure I'll get my nap in, but you never know. Of course, a little shut eye on the window seat is always a priority!


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