The Bane of Chemistry

The last couple of weeks have been full of drama and tension around Annalisse's chemistry class. Picture this: a class of 200 student that is heavily math-based + a student with a learning disability around math and processing = a recipe for disaster.

Throw in twice weekly tutoring and you have...a sense that you're "getting the material." Walk into the test feeling very prepared...walk out shaking your head. That's what we've been feeling from Annalisse as she is very upset that she is doing badly in her chem class. Everything else is going well grade-wise, but I'm not sure what's going to happen with this one. She is hesitant to drop it because she doesn't want to go through the trauma of taking it again, but with a grade of "D" at this point that might be unavoidable. We can't fault her, she tries very had and does all the work, plus getting extra help. This stuff just comes very hard to her. I'm sure she feels that if she could just focus on her nutrition courses she could kick butt, but obviously chemistry and biology are a big part of food and nutrition. Heck, Mark and I both failed a course in college, and Cam has dropped two (or is it three?) classes to retake later because he knew he wasn't doing well. We tell her: THIS STUFF HAPPENS.

So, we just try to encourage and get her through the next month. Then she can have a little break before she starts an online course and a bio course this summer. And, unfortunately, we may also have to figure out what to do about a chem course.

How happy will we be when the kids are done with college?!


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