Senior Day at Crew

Senior Day at Crew. Flowers
for the moms.
Yesterday was a great day at RIT crew. In addition to being an absolutely spectacular day weather-wise, Cam's boat left Union College's boat in the dust (on water, of course!), a great race that was followed by a nice ceremony honoring Cam and his crew-mate Katie, the two seniors on the team, celebrating their last home race. At this point, Cam is two-for-four, having lost his first two races, and won his last two.

In a time-honored, tradition, Cam, the coxswain, was thrown into the water after this special race:

The next couple of weekends will be the real test, starting with next Friday's Liberty League race in Saratoga, then the NYS Rowing Championships the following weekend, then the Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia on Mother's Day weekend. After that, as they say, "that's a wrap" for Cam's rowing career.  It's been a wonderful experience for him!!


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