Hoppy Easter 2015

Easter weekend is drawing to a close...it was very nice! The weekend started on Thursday night with a fun happy hour with friends at the Erie Grill. Who wouldn't want to celebrate the glorious turn in weather? Everyone was in such great spirits and it was (almost) the weekend!

Mark and I took Friday off to pick up Annalisse in the morning (her 10:30am class was cancelled so we were able to go to Syracuse fairly early), and to do some Easter brunch running around (including the elusive "Easter Bunny" treats). On Friday night we went out to RIT for an improv festival to see Annalisse's Downstage friends, Blake and Nick. The acts were hit or miss, but it was still a fun night, including being joined by Cam after his crew dinner.

Annalisse and her little friend,
Since Saturday called for rough weather (after the few beautiful teaser days the week before), Cam's race in Ithaca was postponed from 9am to 3pm. We got to the site around 2:30pm, at which point the coaches were trying to decide if the three teams (Ithaca College, University of Rochester, and RIT) were going to race because of the rough conditions and wind. Unfortunately, a women's boat from SU had capsized due to high waves (I'm not sure if that happened on Friday or Saturday), and a couple of rowers had to be taken to the hospital ~ they are all fine! You can imagine what I was thinking, having Annalisse on the SU team last fall (but she was novice...these were varsity rowers). After standing around in very cold weather, the coaches decided to have a small group of boats race at 4pm. Cam's was one of them, and his boat came in a very close second to Ithaca College (by .45 second!!). Disappointing, but they did a great job their first time out this spring. But, what a long day. We had hoped to finish fairly quickly so we could head into Ithaca for some shopping fun, but that didn't work out. Cam didn't even end up getting back until 11pm last night.

This morning we went to church and the kids, including Alex, came along, which was very nice. I left church a little early to get home and put the frittata in the oven and finish getting ready for brunch, which we had around 10:30am. (on Mom's fine china...so nice). After enjoying the frittata, pancakes, bacon, sausage, fruit, whipped fruit salad, and monkey bread (Oh! and mimosas), we were cleaning up by 11:30am and getting ready to take Annalisse back to Syracuse as she had a lot of homework to do. (Of course, we had to do a grocery shopping for her before heading back). We got back from that trip around 4pm today, and I am totally chilling and enjoying a Mad Men marathon, sitting on my BUTTOCKS without guilt after a busy weekend. Except, that I have to pack to go to New Orleans for the NAGAP conference on Tuesday afternoon. Well, maybe just one more episode...

Some Easter celebration pictures from our great weekend:


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