Turn the page - 2015

Today is the first day of the new year...filled with promise and great intentions! I'm not that interested in exploring the usual "look back/look forward," as my weight and financial goals are unchanging. In the new year I am just hoping for good health news for me as I undergo a hysterectomy as a continuation of addressing the effects of the BRCA1 gene (hopefully no surprises), and I am also waiting for positive news on a cyst-like nodule Jasper had removed from his neck/shoulder region on Tuesday. I am a little worried about him as cancer is the #1 killer of Golden Retrievers, but hoping for the best.

Between our neighbor's passing, our other neighbor Ann's difficult recovery from a fall in November, and Cam's speeding ticket the last couple of weeks of December (not to mention my health issues earlier in the year and my Mom's passing) have not been particularly uplifting. But, that's the great thing about a new year, isn't it? A new start, and the promise of a better tomorrow! Here's to 2015!


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