Hello from the Living Room Chair!

I am on the other side of my hysterectomy, recovering in the fluffy chair next to the fire. I'm glad that's over!

The procedure was a little more involved than expected due to my uterus being enlarged and my fallopian tubes being freakishly "stuck" to my uterus. As a result, the surgeon had to make a small incision to get all the junk out, but now, although sore, I'm on the mend. The stay at the hospital was crazy as they were in an overflow situation and I, along with eight other "boarders," spent the night in the post-op recovery area since there were no beds (bad flu season). Noisy and bright, with the lights on all night. I'm sure it will take me a couple of days to catch up on my sleep!

The good news: the preliminary results show no cancer. They will now do the deep dive into the tissue to be sure, so I'm hoping for definitive good news when I go for my post-op appointment on January 15. I'm feeling very optimistic, though, and ready to move on from this ordeal that started almost a year ago.

Mom Shiao is here this week helping out, and it's been wonderful having her around (especially for her great cooking!!). Cam will be home until the week of January 26, and Annalisse goes back to school on Sunday, so it's nice to have these last days with her before she is off and running for the spring semester.

I've got my iPad loaded up with books and magazines, as I settle in for a long winter's nap!!


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