Back to Work

Tomorrow I head back to work after a quick three weeks of recovery. I am feeling great! Not much to write blog-wise, mostly just sitting around and reading (which actually has its disadvantages as my back gets sore and I don't sleep as well at night since I'm not exerting a lot of energy ~ poor me!). But, there are a couple of noteworthy things to report.

Cam is (finally) back at school, having started his spring term classes yesterday. Wow, six weeks was a long time to be off. Seriously. The reason RIT goes back so late is because they have a three-week winter term. Last week on Tuesday Cam took the Megabus to New York to visit Shaina so that kind of broke up the monotony for him (and me!).

On Thursday, Mark and I headed down to DC to visit Mom and take her the Honda CRV. Her car would not pass inspection...and we were thinking of moving on from the the timing was perfect. Except that last night we ordered a new Subaru Outback that will not arrive for 8-10 weeks. Oh well. Back to being a one-car family again, just like in the early days!! Luckily one of Mark's consulting jobs is right here in Fairport (walking distance), and one is 1/2 hour away. The project that is 1/2 away is ending at the end of February, and he'll be in Fairport from then on (for a while, anyway) so there may be some short term inconvenience, but otherwise it should work out until the new car comes. The new car, by the way, will be awesome! The greatest part: heated back seats!!!

Today, on my last day of leave, I'll be doing some running around in the morning then heading home to hang with pup, who will no doubt be very lonely when I go back to work, being alone during the day for the first time since mid-December. If only I had a nice part-time job that paid like a full-time job!!!

Onward and upward!!


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