A change of course

Who's glad this week is mostly over?  -----> This girl.

What a stressful week it's been. It all started with an email from Buff State on Monday night which stated that, due to overcrowding and dorm renovation, Annalisse would be housed at nearby Canisius College (run down, dangerous part of town) and shuttled over to Buff State for classes. 

Um, what? No, I don't think so.

I guess you could call this proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. After a tense month of monitoring the required Chem class she needed (or she would be behind a year in her studies), with all sections closed pending freshmen enrollment, then a waiting list even when they did open, plus the fact that Buff State did not take all her credits, and finally the housing situation, we called "uncle" on Buff State. 

It's been difficult for Annalisse as she is away all week at camp and unable to really work through this situation. All she knew was that she didn't want to live at Canisius and be shuttled to Buff...very, very upset. So, I've spent a bit of time this week on her behalf trying to untangle this mess by contacting Syracuse University to see if she could still accept their offer, try to secure housing, pay another enrollment deposit, and figure out how to get her registered. 

Fast forward to today: She is able to go to SU, and they will honor the tuition exchange scholarship she was previously awarded. We're going to take a trip there next Friday to look around again (the last time we went it was a snowstorm in December), to meet with the department (but we're hoping we can get her registered before then) and a couple of other offices. The only hiccup has been that there is no on-campus housing at this late date (no kidding...thanks again, Buff State, for the super late notice about the dorm situation). We are in the process of signing a lease for a 4 bedroom/2 bath apartment near the campus (at Park Point actually, the same company as Cam's apartment), but it's super expensive and we have to come up with two months rent on short notice. It will all work, it will just be a very tight month. They will assign roommates so maybe she'll learn who those folks are next week.

To say that this whole transfer process has been quite rocky is an understatement. While I know that it will all work out, she's been super stressed and anxious about a lot of the bumps along the way. Truthfully, I'm glad she's going to SU. We saw some real red flags at Buff State, but we overlooked them because of their excellent Nutrition program, which I'm sure is still true. The folks at SU's Falk College have been very kind and accommodating, which is a welcome change during a very fragile time of frustration.

So, here we are, three weeks before school starts, charting a new course (pun intended). Go Orange?! Yes, GO ORANGE!


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