Move In Day 2014

Whew! Another move-in day completed and both birds are out of the nest again.

Let's just say it was a good thing we brought a load to Syracuse on Saturday because we had another carload for yesterdays trip - during which there was a downpour and lightening strikes as we were unloading (totally soaked...). We spent a bit of time putting the finishing touches on Annalisse's bedroom and arranging the kitchen stuff, and she is really pleased with her apartment (seriously, who wouldn't be?).

After getting settled, we had some lunch at a vegan/gluten free restaurant near campus (I had an amazing blueberry/rosemary smoothie that I will definitely be making at home), then we walked "up the hill" to pick up her books and do some other running around before her transfer meeting at 3pm. SU was bustling and full of energy; it was a very exciting and fun day. In the beautiful quad we ran into a tent with the men's/women's crew teams (I think they were recruiting), and Annalisse had a nice chat with them about trying out for the team (meeting on Monday).  She went away from that encounter very excited as well.

She had planned to go to the the New Transfer Student BBQ, but we realized that it was in the transfer living community on the "South Campus," which she would need to take a shuttle to. I could tell she was feeling a little anxiety about that - both unsure how to take/get the shuttle and not knowing anyone - so I offered to take her out to dinner before heading back. (Side note: the transfer dorm she might have ended up in is on the South Campus, which is a little hike from campus, so I'm glad she ended up at Park Point which is two blocks from campus. It's super convenient and very nice.) 

I stayed longer than planned, but I know she appreciated it. When I dropped her off back at her apartment around 7pm she was ready to chill out after a super busy day. This morning she was up early for the transfer student breakfast at 9am, which will be followed by several activities today. Then, tomorrow, there are more academic-type activities planned. On Sunday, Alex will be driving from Oswego to visit for the day, so I know she's looking forward to that!

She still has some concerns about meeting people and making connections, but I know once she's in her classes she'll start to connect. Plus, she's really looking forward to auditioning for the improv team, so if she gets into that group it will be another peer group.

As for the other little bird, he successfully made it to Shaina's apartment in the Bronx on Tuesday, and he'll be making the trip back today. The last I knew (and, trust me, I don't know much!!), he planned to take the 11:20am train back to Albany, then it will be a three hour trip home. I'm hoping he'll get back to Rochester by 5-5:30pm, so I can stop worrying about that trip. I am proud of him, though, that he took the trip on his own. A great growth experience!

So, the house is quiet once again. 


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