Bakers Dispersing

The Bakers are set to disperse again. There have been very few times this year when we have all been together, and after this week two out of the four Bakers will be gone again.

On Thursday, we head to SU for Annalisse to begin her sophomore year. We took a load up to her apartment on Saturday so Mark and Alex could help out with some of the heavier stuff since Mark will be away in Denver for two weeks. Annalisse also wanted Alex to see where she would be living, and we took a nice walk around campus before having lunch at Chipotle (one of the few places Annalisse feels comfortable eating with all her dietary issues). Her apartment is really nice, and I know she is getting super excited about her new (academic) adventure.

Cam moved into his new apartment last week, also very, very nice (nicer than Annalisse's). Tomorrow he is taking his first solo trip to NYC to spend a couple of days with Shaina as she moves into her new place to begin the fall term at Hunter College. He is taking the train from Albany, which will get him to Penn Station in 2 1/2 hours. Then, the challenge will be getting from Penn Station to Shaina's place. I think I will offer to pay for cab for him, at least this first time, since he has ABSOLUTELY no idea where he is going. He'll come back on Friday since I think his crew practice may begin on Saturday morning. Then, he's off and running into his senior year at RIT.

As mentioned, Mark is in Denver for two weeks for the implementation phase of the project he's been working on for a year. Once Annalisse is in off to Syracuse on Thursday, it will be just me hanging with my fur child in a quiet house. Eggs and toast for dinner, it is!


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