Thoughts while cruisin' down Rte. 90

Today I took Annalisse back to Mercyhurst after her long Easter weekend home. On March15 I will travel down the NYS Thruway to Erie for the last time with the purpose of going to MU. Although she is more than ready for this academic year to be over, to me it's really sad. So much though and planning went into the process of selecting a college, and it all started with great hopes for the future.

But, as it turns out it wasn't a great fit for her after all (too small, among other things), and she will be starting fresh in August with a new college, which isn't without its worry as well. A new routine, new buildings, a bigger campus and only one acquaintance going there. I hope she makes connections through her major and, most of all, I hope she likes Buff State and spends the rest of her academic career there. It all feels a little unsettled so we just need to take it one day at a time and hope for the best.

In the meantime, she's focusing on doing the best she can for the next four weeks to have a strong finish at MU. Then, the dog will have his buddy back for a while!


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