Sunny Sunday

Finally, an amazing, albeit cold, sunny, spring day! And the Bakers made the most of it, starting with going to church, which we've been very neglectful of for some time. It felt good seeing all the great folks there, and I think it was a great reminder to get back on track with that.

After church (and my daily bagel), I took pup up for a run in the field, which he loved, but what a muddy mess!! When we got home I sprayed him down and we were forced to sit outside in the sun while he had a chance to dry off. Even though it was cool, the sun felt so glorious!!! Mark puttered around the yard and put stakes up along the side lawn where the loser-renter neighbors keep driving on our side, putting muddy, deep tracks into the yard. This is year 10 in our house, and to tell you the truth, the renter thing next door is getting really old. For the first five years there were nice, considerate, long-term neighbors, but it's been a revolving door for a while now. While we love love love our home, our street, and our neighbors, our patience is wearing thin in this regard.

The last couple of weeks have been emotionally challenging as I prepare to face some health challenges, which I do not want to get into right now, and the uplifting bloom of spring and having the neighborhood come alive has gone a long way toward helping to keep a positive disposition. Never fear, all is well, and SPRING HAS SPRUNG!

On another awesome note, Annalisse found out today that she got a 91 on her Chemistry mid-term. YAY!!!


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