Buff State it is?

Another travel weekend (with AWESOME weather) has come and gone as I went to Erie on Friday after work to meet up with Annalisse for our Saturday visit to Buffalo State for their Accepted Student Open House. At this point, it looks like Buff State is a very viable alternative for her transfer, and we were very impressed with the departmental meeting with the Dietetics faculty member. She gave a ton of useful information and advice (hints!) about the program and what it takes to be successful in gaining the all-important nutrition internship (highly competitive and required to become a Registered Dietitian). It's certainly going to be an intense experience for her between the coursework and the way she will need to gain exposure to the field through community (both at the College and beyond) involvement and volunteer work. I think she felt both excited and overwhelmed when we were done, and, as her mother, I had tons of cliché advice to offer like:
Me: How do you eat an elephant?
Her: What are you talking about?
How do you eat an elephant?One bite at a time (I'm surprised she never heard that one...)
OR, when discussing if the program/profession does not work out for her:
Me: When one door closes...
Her: (rolling her eyes) ...another opens.
Me: Yes, and sometimes it's just not that obvious at first which door is opening, but one always does.
I think I will just need to keep her calm and focused on the goal at hand.

During the program we had a chance to visit the services tables, so she was able to get a lot of her questions answered about the school's dining options, disability services (tutoring, accommodations, etc.), and housing. She also got to have lunch with friend from Downstage, Jacob, who is a junior at Buff State. She was able to chat with him about the college experience in general, and they talked about the improv team he's trying to form, of which he invited her to participate. She was totally excited about that as she has really missed improv this past year.

Here I need to mention how much of a KICK ASS job she did last week with her classes. It started with the 91 she got on her Chemistry mid-term, then went onto the 100 she got on her Human Development project, the 84 on her Stats test (Stats has been a huge challenge for her), and the 96 on her Psych test (another course where she needs to get her grades up). I was so proud of her. As a result, I told her we could go to the huge Galleria Mall in Buffalo when the program was done so she could do a little shopping. Nic and Patrick ended up meeting us there so it was a super fun way to spend the afternoon. After a great dinner we hit the road back to Erie, did some shopping at Wegmans (as usual), and I dropped a very tired girl off at 7pm before going back to the hotel to retire early. My goal was to get on the road this morning by 7am (I left at 6:50am) to head for home.

This afternoon I also touched base with Cam as I haven't spoken to him in about a week. He found out this past week that the co-op he had arranged has fallen through due to a lack of funding at the University of Rochester. I'm sure he was very bummed about that since it's pretty late in the process to really secure anything else for summer. The plan right now is that he might take a couple of courses at Naz to fill in his minor/electives, and also possibly work on research along with going back to his old job at the Crossroads dining area at RIT. He has not made concrete progress in subletting his apartment (although he tells me he had one inquiry), so if he ends up working at RIT he may just stay there this summer. I will not be super happy with that as I do look forward to him coming home for the summer, so we'll have to see what transpires over the next couple of weeks. During the course of the conversation, though, I did determine that he's up to his ears in coursework and feeling very, very challenged this term. He says "he'll pass" his courses but I'm thinking we may see a "C" when all is said and done although hopefully just one would be great.

On Wednesday Mark is hitting the Thruway again to pick Annalisse up for a brief Easter break. I'm looking forward to seeing the kids next weekend, and soooooo vvvvveeerrryyyy happy that we've been blessed with several warm, sunny, beautiful days. There is talk of snow on Wednesday but at least we know now it won't last. O happy day!


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