The West Coaster

Tomorrow afternoon I leave for San Diego for my last NAGAP board meeting and the annual conference. OF COURSE, I'm looking forward to the sunshine and seeing the beauty of SD, not to mention my awesome NAGAP friends, but I am also not really looking forward to such a long trip. It will be bittersweet to finish up my two terms on the board, but I am definitely ready to move on. The travel and professional growth has been awesome, but I'm sort of looking forward to traveling for "fun" and not having commitments while in fun places. Now that my stint with NAGAP is winding down, I am also looking forward to delving into other areas of my job (namely the transfer student professional network) that my board commitments didn't really allow me to because of the time it took. Still, I'll miss seeing my pals on a regular basis.

I'm sure I'll have some amazing pictures to share, so check back!


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