Spring Tease

The Polar Versprilles
at Jake's game
In a lot of ways, this weekend was a teaser for spring. It got up to almost 50 on Saturday (But super, cutting, chilly wind ~ just ask me. We sat for 1 1/2 hours on a lacrosse field watching our cousin, Jake [Springfield College], play lacrosse against Naz)! On Saturday morning, Mark and I gave the cars a good cleaning, inside and out before running one of the cars over to Cam to use for a couple of weeks while we visit Mom and Sue in Virginia, followed by a week in Denver for Mark. What a mess they were, but it was great to be able to do that so early in the season. The sun was shining brightly all weekend, which sure went a long way toward lifting my (and I'm guessing other people's) spirits.

Annalisse is feeling better, but says she's still tired. Hopefully, she can get a little more active as the weather continues to get nicer. I think half the battle is to build her stamina back up after she's been sick for a month. She was excited to learn that she's been accepted to SUNY Plattsburgh and Buffalo State's nutrition programs, and she had an interview with Syracuse University this week (and should hear from them within the month). The last one she would need to hear from is RIT, but we've pretty much ruled that one out for a myriad of reasons. It will really come down to Buff State and SU (if she's accepted) since those are her top choices (great programs, close proximity). Plattsburgh, she feels, is way to far away. Those were some great bright spots for her, especially when she's attending her six hour chemistry class every Sunday. I keep telling her (since she likes to complain...), "Keep your eyes on the prize," but the complaining continues!

So, I might as well get crackin' on this short work week (Yay!!) so we can get on with things and look forward to our trip VA on Wednesday.


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