Double Date Dreams

Alex and Ani
We're just back from taking Annalisse back to school after her weekend home to spend Valentine's Day with her cute little boyfriend, Alex (who is from Webster but goes to SUNY Oswego). They had a wonderful couple of days together, and were sad to say their goodbyes at 1:30am this morning. The night before she was at his house until 2am, so I guess it was an "earlier" night.  This, despite the fact that she's in the midst of her second round of strep throat in a month and didn't feel super great [and downright terrible] all weekend. She's going back to the Health Center tomorrow morning to let them know things are not getting a lot better.

But I digress...

So, anyway, we got another pleasant surprise in the middle of last week when all of a sudden Cameron's Facebook status changed to "In a Relationship" with Shaina, a friend from camp that he's been hanging out with (as part of a larger group) for the last three years or so. That's the key to Cam and girls: they have to start out as friends so he can reveal his true self, which is whitty, talkative and warm. To say we were shocked (and thrilled) is an understatement.

It was really cute the way it all unfolded; it turns out Cam texted Annalisse's boyfriend (who he's good friends with) to ask if he should ask Shaina out. In other words: Alex knew about the relationship before Annalisse. Shocker. Cam was his usual elusive self, but when we went out to dinner with the kids (and Alex) last night he was super talkative and seemed really excited.
I love the part when
Annalisse says
"You should be [happy]! We
finally have significant others."

The way my kids lives intersect is a little crazy, and truthfully, we really like the fact that they've gotten to be such good friends. Both have a big set of friends from their camp job: Alex was Cam's bunkmate and friend before he took notice of Cam's little sis, and Shaina is all wrapped up in that group of friends as well. AND, both Alex and Shaina live in Oswego (Alex as a student, and it's Shaina's hometown). I'm not looking forward to Cam asking to take the car on weekends so he can tear down Rte. 104 for a weekend visit, but I suppose we'll cross that bridge when (if!) we come to it.

So, for now anyway, everybody's happy. If you are a parent you understand how your kids happiness (or unhappiness) impacts your own, and this has been a great development (and great experience) for both kids. Of course, they are young and heartbreak is sure to be ahead, but it's fun for now!


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