Girl's Weekend 2014 ~ and getting through the rest of winter

Last night I booked The Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort (on Mirror Lake) in Lake Placid for our girl's weekend in late September. HURRAY! What better way to get through the drudgery of this very cold, snowy, long winter than to be able to look forward to a weekend of merriment and shenanigans with your best girls? It's been a really, really long time since I've been in Lake Placid so I'm looking forward to getting back. Such a great place.

Right about now I really need to start lining things up to push me through the rest of the winter. Things like:

  • A trip to Virginia to visit Mom Shiao and Sue/Ken the last week in February
  • A week long trip  in April to San Diego for the NAGAP board meeting (probably my last - sad face) and annual conference.
  • A visit by Sue, Ken and San in late May
  • The aforementioned girls weekend in late September
  • Helping Nic look for a wedding dress (and any other wedding related things we can help with)
  • Not much else

Of course, there are all the usual fun stuff lined up like Canal Days and napping on the porch, but it looks like I need to round out the upcoming year with more stuff to do. I'll have to get working on that.


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