Resolutions 2014

It's that time again to look forward to the new year (CLEAN SLATE!) and the chance for a couple of "do overs" and the promise for a fresh new start. This year I decided to not make New Years resolutions that involve managing money and losing weight. Those issues are always issues so why bother? In the new year I would like to concentrate on:
  • Being a better listener - a constant struggle 
  • Thinking before a I speak - and being a more sensitive friend/colleague/confidant 
  • Practicing patience - also difficult in many instances 
  • Being less judgmental - and trying to see all sides before commenting on something 
Admittedly, turning 50 did make me question (more than a couple of times) "Is this all there is?", with my marriage, job, kids "being gone," and the grind of the day to day. The last year has felt very much like a mid-life crisis, and I find myself in a negative state of mind more than I'd like. The struggle continues, but I will try to find the good and focus on the blessings, which are many, many, many!

The beginning of a new year feels so wonderful, doesn't it? Let's hear it for second (or third or fourth) chances! May your 2014 be safe, healthy and happy!


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